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Feedback from my Survey

So the survey  I put to my followers about what they wanted to see more of on this blog space had one BIG theme: Ask Missi!
And I’ve listened!

You can now email me with any questions you have that you’d like answered on this blog and I’ll answer 1-2 a week, depending on my schedule!
You can send them to
I’ve also been working on a bunch of new posts that are about my perspective where I’ll talk about the following things:
  • Pinup Wardrobe basics ~ The staples to a starter wardrobe
  • Pinup shopping on a budget
  • Lets talk skirts: wiggle, swing and aline
  • Pinup makeup and hair basics
  • A hot summer pinup guide
Which are all things I’ve been asked questions on in the past! So keep your eyes peeled!
So excited to be utilizing this space more as I grow!
Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose

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