Weekly Outfits ~ 7 March 2016

Hello darlings!
I don’t know about all of you but I’ve been incredibly busy this past week. Its an amazing feeling to have so many positive things in my life and I feel truly blessed for it. I’ve caught up on a backlog of blog post photos over the weekend (ontop of a photoshoot for my little photography adventures) and I’m ready to start sharing them all with you!
But for now, last week’s outfits!
Dress ~ Trudy dress from Karina Dresses (review this week!)
Shoes ~ Payless
Belt ~ Ebay
Dress ~ Collectif mermaid Dolores from Gwynnies (review coming next week!)
Brooch ~ Erstwilder (discontinued)
Top ~ Rosylen blouse By Hell Bunny from Natasha Marie (review coming next week)
Belt ~ Off the PUG Birdie Dress
Shoes ~ Payless (discontinued)
Scarf ~ Pink repro nylon scarf from Closet Confessions Boutique
Shoes ~ Payless (discontinued)
Looking forward to finally being caught up on my reviews again as of next week! Life is fabulous! Catch you all later!

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