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Blue Border Magic in Lindy Bop’s Audrey Dress


When you’re a pinup girl, life never has to be dull…well at least that’s how it feels for me!! I love that my pinup aesthetic doesn’t really follow a trend of what’s in fashion. Its all based around what I like, what I enjoy and what I want to wear. While brands release new collections and continued to reimagine the clothing of the era in fun new ways, I’ve only ever bought what’s caught my eye and what I like. And in the words of George Costanza:

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 One of my favorite things to do, is to brighten a winters day with a bright frock. And the funny thing is, I know it just doesn’t brighten MY day, but also the day of others who may come across me…based on the many compliments and smiles my attire gets in winter compared to the warmer months. One of my favorite kinds of ‘bright colour’ is florals. There’s just something so fabulous about floral print. Its pretty, soft, feminine and it always makes me smile. A brand that also keeps making me smile of late is UK based brand Lindy Bop. Their designs have definitely been absolutely on point, especially over the last 6 months and when the Audrey dress in Floral Border print it was like love at first site!

Flowers – Peach double from Daisy Jean
Earrings – Vixen hoops in silver by Vixen by Micheline Pitt purchased from Natasha Marie Clothing
Necklace – pastel pink necklace from Debstar Designs
Brooch – Lillia of the Valley brooch by Erstwilder (discontinued)
Dress – Audrey Swing dress in Blue Floral Border Print from Lindy Bop
Shoes – Petunia in dusty pink from B.A.I.T Footwear

The Audrey dress caught my eye for its stunning pastel hues and the detail through its border.  I was super torn originally between the pink and blue but opted for the blue (I already own A LOT of pink) and if I loved it as much as I’d expected, I could always add the pink in later. My dress arrived from the UK to oz in a record 7 days! Lindy Bop have started using the most amazing postage service which means you can track your parcel the whole trip and on average it takes around a 7-10 days to arrive! Which is awesome for shipping time to Australia from overseas. I was excited to see when it arrived the blues throughout this dress were just as vibrant as the stock images and I can tell this is going to be not just a loved winter piece but a spring favorite!


This is my second Audrey dress from Lindy Bop (my first being a much older version of their gingham print) and overall the fit was almost the same.  The only difference I could really note in the fit between the two is that my new Audrey appears to be slightly longer in the body. The Audrey Border print dress is made from digitally printed fabric. This means the colours are very vibrant, but it does mean however there isn’t a whole lot of stretch (in comparison to my cotton gingham Audrey this has around 1/2 the amount of give). This dress is lined through the bodice, which does give a comfortable wear and zips up the back with a concealed zip. For size reference I’m a 40 inch bust and a 32-33 waist and it fits perfectly.



But the real crowning feature of this dress is the print. The bodice is covered in small singular leaves as well as blue and white flowers, before gradually becoming busier in pattern as it moves down to the border print. The border print itself is also truly stunning. Not only does it feature blue flowers but it also features blue bows across the bottom and little sprigs of white flowers and leaves as well. The border pattern is what drew me to this stunning dress and it did not disappoint.



The Audrey dress does come with a thin blue PU belt. While I’ve worn it with this dress for the shoot, I tend to opt for elastic belts with dresses as I find they fit my shorter torso better. The sleeve holes are comfortable and don’t pull. I’ve worn it with and without a corset and found this dress on both occasions it was comfortable and fitted nicely with the help of a belt. One thing I will note though is that the printed fabric doesn’t seem to breath all that well in super warm weather, which sadly is a common place thing here in Australia during the height of summer. But that being said its fabulous for wear in Spring and during Autumn next year too!


The Audrey Border Print dress retails for just £35.00/$60.31AU + postage, which is a bargain for such a pretty dress, especially with our Aussie dollar not always being the best. And if blue isn’t your thing, this gorgeous print is also available in colours Purple, Cream and pink as well!

I hope you’ve all loved this review as much as I enjoyed shooting it! This photo set is very much a favorite of mine and its got me dreaming of spring when all the flowers will bloom again.

I’m also planning to add the pink (and maybe the purple) to my wardrobe soon too!

Til next time darlings!


Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress in collaboration with Lindy Bop, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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    I’ve also been very happy with Lindy Bop as of late – they have really impressed me. Thank you for this review, looks like it might be in my future xoxo

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