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Heaven Sent Makeup Removal Magic with the Face Halo

As a retro girl, I wear a lot of makeup. It pretty much comes with the territory. 6 days at a minimum I’ve got a full face on, when I shoot on weekends its even heavier too. I found my facewash on its own wasn’t enough to remove my makeup effectively (foundation smeared towels are a bitch to clean and I don’t fancy looking like a raccoon before bed) and while I did use makeup wipes for quite a while, I found that even the ‘gentle’ ones were upsetting my sensitive skin especially when I was using them everyday. So I recently started hunting for a ‘gentler’ makeup removing alternative, ideally one that wasn’t going to cost a fortune and one I could reuse because using makeup wipes every day can get expensive (nevermind the addition to waste!). I had kind of begun to felt like I wasn’t going to find anything that really jumped out at me til I saw Glam Raider had started stocking a brand called Face Halo, which was a reusable makeup remover pad.

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The Face Halo is a relatively new brand which offers reusable makeup removal pads, which in reality is a fabulous idea. Created by two women who wanted a simple way to remove their makeup, Face Halos simply need to have water added to them (can be hot or cold) to make them work and you simply wipe it across your face. The fact they were washable also really appealed to me as it meant they were completely reusable. The Face Halo pads have micro strand fibres to help remove makeup fully from your face. I must admit, when I first read the promises I was somewhat sceptical. But I added them to my Glam Raider order and figured I’d give them a go anyway! The arrived sealed in their own branded bag. One pack had 3 halos in it which are double sided. I was interested to see how they went!

Face halo – wet (left) and after makeup removal (right)

Left – Full face of Makeup. 
Right – After removing with face halo

So I decided to take my photos for this blog on a ‘heavier’ than normal makeup day. It was after a blog shoot which meant ontop of my usual foundation, eyeliner, brow gel, mascara and lipstick I was also sporting quite heavy eyeshadow, false lashes and light contouring. I figured it was best to go hard or go home right? The first thing I noticed was when wet, the face halo got delightfully ‘spongy’ in appearance. I purposely went in blind for this too. I simply rubbed it all over make face once it was wet and rubbed until the pad was full and I couldn’t notice a change in the pad’s colour anymore. I face washed after this after photo to best show the difference the face halo makes. Overall, I am pretty impressed! The wet Face Halo managed to pull off all my makeup for the day, including the lash glue, with minimal rubbing or effort! And I did it with one side of the pad too!

I used the Face Halo’s for a whole week (one side per day, 3 pads equals roughly one week of use) and was continually delighted by its effectiveness in easily removing my make up and leaving my skin feeling lovely. After a week of using it on a variety of heavy and everyday makeup, it was ready to test the washing capability of these. This is where I was really raising an eyebrow, as I know from the past just getting my besame lipsticks out of my old face washer was a challenge.

Before Washing
After 1 Standard Wash
After quick pre-wash with old face wash and 1 regular machine wash

So I put them through the wash the first time without any pre-cleaning. I put it through on a regular wash and found initially I was very underwhelmed with the results. A lot of my lipstick had stuck and there was foundation still stuck here and there to them. After consulting their website, I was they suggested I hand wash with soap before machine washing. Having some old face wash still (I recently changed brands) I scrubbed at it with that and saw it made an instant difference. I then rewashed in the machine and was much much happier with how they came out! So now when I finish using a Halo (I use mine in the shower) I simply pop some liquid soap or old face wash onto it, fold it in half so it can rub against itself and rinse. Then at the end of the week I simply pop the 3 into the wash (I put mine in a delicates bag to stop them rubbing on my clothes) and refuse the next week! According to the website too they can be washed around 200 times, which makes them amazingly environmentally friendly in regards to creating waste and my skin has been so much happier already in 2 weeks since I ditched makeup wipes!


Overall, I give the Face Halo a thumbs up! I’m actually planning in the next few months to invest in another pack so I don’t have to wash them once a week to have some for the next week. They were definitely worth the investment!

Now Face Halos are a USA brand (shop their primary store here) but being an Aussie gal I got mine through Australian stockist Glam Raider (who also has afterpay) and I had them within 2 days of my purchase. My pack of 3 cost just $30AU + postage, which adds up to be a great saving when I’m not having to buy makeup wipes after a few months.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this beauty review! Its been my first in a long time and I’m hoping to add more to my blog over the next few months.

I’d love to hear what you thought in the comments and what other beauty goodies you’d like to see on my blog!

Til next time darlings!


2 thoughts on “Heaven Sent Makeup Removal Magic with the Face Halo

  1. Nice review, thank you. I was wondering if they would rub, so nice to hear they were gentle. I find that even makeup removal wipes leave my skin feeling a bit rubbed, so I only use them pre-gym, if training in the evenings, but I could toss one of these in to the gym bag instead.

    1. Hi Naomi, I have pretty sensitive skin too now days and didn’t find any rubbing or agitation. It actually left my face feeling really nice and fresh

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