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Spring gingham in kitty by collectif


For a lot of pinups, the ultimate pinup print is polka dots. But for me, gingham has always been the thing that won my heart. There is something that just evokes the thought of spring and summer, picnics and sunshine in a gingham print. It just makes me want to take life slow, enjoy the sunshine and stop to smell the flowers. Though gingham print isn’t for everyone, who says you have to go all the way with gingham? Sometimes a little is more than enough. So when I saw this stunning dress by Collectif hit That Shop, I knew it had to be mine!

Hat ~ Thrifted
Flowers ~ Roses from Daisy Jean
Earrings ~ Silver hoops by Vixen from Natasha Marie Clothing
Brooch ~ Tempting Tart brooch from Daisy Jean
Dress ~ Kitty Dress in red by Collectif from Love that Shop
Shoes ~ Loraine heels in red from B.A.I.T Footwear

It was my first time purchasing from That Shop and as usual I get a bit nervous when I’m purchasing from stores I’m not familiar with. But their website was super easy and simple to use and my dress arrived safe and sound a few days after purchase. The Kitty dress is one I’d been looking at for a long time but the exchange rate kept me at bay. But I was super excited to find it in a local store which offered Afterpay, which now days is how I buy most of my clothes. I was so excited to see that the red was just as vibrant as I’d hoped and I couldn’t want to get this dress on.


The kitty dress is truly stunning in its simplicity. Made of a bold red fabric, it features a peter pan style red gingham collar and a matching gingham belt. It zips up without any catches (zips that catch are a massive pet peeve of mine) and wears beautifully. The full circle skirt on this dress also adds to its fun feel as its so swooshy with or without a petticoat. Made of 97% cotton with 3% spandex this dress does have some give and wears very comfortably in warmer weather. It comes with a gingham belt which I love, however its a fabric belt that isn’t reinforced so it does twist a bit.


So after scrutinizing the size chart for a good hour (with lots of tooing and froing of sizes in my cart) I opted for the size 18, which was the larger end of the scale because I figured I could always take it in. It’s been a while since I last bought a Collectif dress and I’m still figuring out the sizing since my weight gain. Ultimately, the size 18 is a bit too big all round, so I’m going to end up getting darts put in. this is due to my small rounded shoulders, short torso and smaller waist than bust. But its nothing a few nips and tucks can’t fix! Its still wearable as is, its just a bit loose in some places. For reference, I’m a 40 inch bust and around a 33 inch waist natural but lace down to a 30 inch waist quite easily. Next time I’ll be purchasing the size 16, which I feel will be a better fit for me.


The Kitty dress is definitely going to be a staple over the summer period, especially as the weather heats up and its becomes more difficult to layer as much as I like to in the cooler months. I snapped my red Kitty up for $99AU + postage on Afterpay from That Shop. I must admit I’m eyeing off the Jade version now too as a great summer staple.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review! Til next time darlings


2 thoughts on “Spring gingham in kitty by collectif

  1. I honestly couldn’t say which I love more – polka dots or gingham! But gingham really is so special and for me it’s probably just about the ultimate summer print, it really does bring to mind picnics and hot days. I don’t think I’ve seen a contrasting gingham trim like this before and it works so beautifully! This is such a gorgeous look and the hat really completes it all. Also, welcome to wordpress, love the new design 😀

    1. I hadn’t seen a gingham trim like this before either but it’s so perfect! Thank you lovely, still some things to straighten out but it’s getting there ❤️

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