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Some Newness at Erstwilder


As an avid brooch collector and lover, brooch releases always rank high on my calendar. While I don’t go crazy for releases, I do like to nab the pieces I love if I can to add to my forever overflowing brooch drawer! I’ve spoken before about Erstwilder being the brand that introduced me to brooches and they are still the brand that occupy the most space in my brooch drawer! With their newest release Furry & Feathered Friends and a recolour range of their By Popular Demand pieces having just dropped into their store, I thought I’d share my favorite pieces with you all from their newest offering of goodies as well as talking about some unicorns making a comeback!



First up is their Furry & Feathered Friends range which has my absolute favorite from this new release! The Natural Predator brooch is the most adorable pink kitten, wrapped around a ball of yarn. As a girl who grew up in a household where we pretty much always had cats, the sheer cuteness of this brooch is so gorgeous in person. I love the texturing of the yarn ball and the fact the kitten is pink, which is gonna make it a super versatile piece that is beyond adorable to incorporate into my wardrobe.



The second from the Furry & Feathered Friends range that I’m absolutely loving is the Ozzie the Orator brooch. Anyone whose ever owned a dog or lived near a dog that loves to have a chat with the moon, will know the fun poke this brooch makes. I love that its a fun way to view something that could previously be so frustrating as a dog owner. His colourings are also fantastic for my pastel wardrobe this coming summer. His moon is also sparkley! Which I’m always down with!

giphy (1)

So these are my two loves from the Furry & Feathered Friends range! I’m also going to get myself the budgie duo as they are so adorable together!


Erstwilder have also dropped a recolour range of their ‘By Popular Demand’ pieces as well, which include some highly sought after floral unicorns! While for me these floral unicorns didn’t rank too high as I have the original releases of both, I did love two of the recolours of two cuties I’ve been wanting in my wardrobe for a while!


Ruby the Red Cardinal is a piece that’s been released in a few different colourways from Erstwilder and this is the first one thats really jumped out at me. Her colourings in this release lend themselves to a lot of my 1940s looks and she’ll be fabulous come autumn next year! So naturally she had to make her way into my brooch drawer!


And the last favorite for me from this range was the Wary Warri Wombat brooch! I’m a sucker for Australian wildlife when it comes to my brooches and I’ve long needed a wombat in my life. I love his cross hatch pattern and his brown colourings will make him a great piece to wear with a lot of different looks. And who doesn’t love a wombat!



So there are my favorites from today’s Erstwilder drop! All of these pieces and more are now available in their online store and from their stockists! Which are your favorties?

Erstwilder is made from layered resin, all designed in Australia and retail for $39.95AU + Postage!

Til next time darlings!


Disclaimer: Whilst I received these brooches in collaboration with Erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

2 thoughts on “Some Newness at Erstwilder

  1. I really love the wombat and cardinal too! I think these brooches are super lovely, and it’s so nice to see how you’ve styled them. 😊 I seriously can’t wait to wear mine now… 😁😆

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

    1. I love brown brooches so I adore the Wombat for that reason! I cannot wait to style the cardinal properly! I’ve got some outfits he’s just going to go so wonderfully with! Cannot wait to see how you style yours! 💕

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