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Dreaming of Jeanie with Sarsparilly


Nostalgia can be such a funny thing. Enticing memories of the past, these memories can be both good and bad. For today’s post though, they are definitely good. Growing up as a kid we had Austar (or cable/pay TV) and my parents often left it on TV1, which meant I grew up watching shows like The Addams Family, Bewitched, The Munsters, The Brady Bunch and of course I dream of Jeannie. When you find dress prints that rekindle those memories, its always special and I had this experience with the ‘In your Dreams’ dress featuring the cutest I dream of Jeannie print from Australian Designer Sarsparilly .

Sunglasses ~ Pink 1940s retro sunglasses from Pinup in a Pack
Flowers ~ Blue Rose Double from Daisy Jean
Earrings ~ Gold Badgirl Hoops by Vixen from Natasha Marie Clothing
Necklace ~ Light Blue Beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Limited edition Unicorn brooch by Kaiju Candy
Dress ~ In your dreams dress by Sarsparilly
Shoes ~ Petunia heels in light pink from B.A.I.T Footwear

Sarsparilly is an Australian small business based out of Newcastle NSW. Specialising in fun, quirky and popart style print fabric made into stunning 1950s style frocks, their pieces are perfect for pinups who like to make a statement while keeping to classic 50s cuts in their dresses. Sarsparilly is the brainchild of designer Maria, whose lifelong love for fashion and design was launched with full forced in 2016 after she started a family. Sarsparilly at present is handmade to order by Australian seamstresses and many of their fabrics are designed in collaboration with designers for a unique finish.


The ‘In Your Dreams’ dress from Sarsparilly is a gorgeous reproduction of a 1950s dress that I just know is going to be a staple for me this coming spring and summer. This dress features a full gathered skirt with SUPER deep pockets, pleated bust detailing, thin straps and a back zip. Made from 100% cotton this dress is also a fabulous summer option for when you want to be comfortable in the humid Australian weather, as I find over the summer period synthetic blended fabrics just don’t stand up to the task of helping me stay cool. This dress is also able to be washed at home by either a hand wash or a delicate wash then line drying. Comfortable to wear and functional, this dress style is my absolute favorite from the Sarsparilly range.


But the thing that got me so excited about this dress was the fun print. Featuring the iconic image of Jeannie with her arms folded blinking, this dress is also one of my favourite shades of baby pink!  The print is also small enough to not be overpowering but to add a subtle quirkiness to the overall look. Whenever I wear this dress it always gets SO many compliments and when people realise the print it always makes them smile. I love dresses like this that can lift the mood of not just me but those around me too! Spreading the love is always an amazing thing when it can be done simply by dressing how you love.


I’ve worn my dress a number of times now and have found it to be well made, comfortable and an absolute joy to wear. The pockets are nice and deep, the zip doesn’t catch or pull and even after 2 delicate washes there are no loose threads or problems with it. Being cotton it does crease a bit after a wash but I steam them out before wear. I’m wearing the XL in this style and Sarsparilly caters to a vast array of women’s sizes, with their styles available from an XXS through to a 5XL. I also love the little details of this dress as well, like the bows at the base of the straps and the beautiful cut through the waist, that helps give the wearer that hourglass look, even if that’s not the wearers natural shape. I can comfortably wear this dress with or without foundations and the open back zip means I can get ready and then put it on without any fear of ruining my makeup or hair.


The ‘In Your Dreams’ dress retails for $320AU + postage with free shipping on orders over $400. Sarsparilly has Afterpay for Australian customers as well, to make that amount seem less scary (allowing it to be paid off over 8 weeks split into 4 payments). Please remember as well their dresses are made to order so there is a wait period, but by buying from Sarsparilly you’re supporting not just an Australian Small Business but Maria’s Dream.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review! Expect to see this gorgeous dress a lot as the weather warms up!


Til next time darlings!


Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress in collaboration with Sarsparilly, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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