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The Ultimate Season Round Floral Frock from Voodoo Vixen


Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life it can be hard to find time to stop. But stopping and taking life in is so important. As a blogger I sometimes finding the time to stop can be difficult. But quite pleasantly I recently got to sit and enjoy some time with my man while on location in the Sydney CBD blog shooting. Being a bit more dressed up than normal as well (because there’s something about wearing a hat that makes you feel EXTRA fancy!) it felt extra nice to be relaxing in a café, especially in a dress so beautifully made it could pass for vintage. I’m of course talking about the Dark Floral Allie Dress from Voodoo Vixen.

Hat ~ True Vintage
Earrings ~ Badgirl hoops in gold by Vixen from Natasha Marie Clothing
Beads ~ Pink beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Bee Butt brooch from The Odd and Sparkly
Dress ~ Dark Floral Allie dress from Voodoo Vixen
Shoes ~ Betty Heels in black from Miss L Fire

Voodoo Vixen has absolutely been knocking their designs out of the ball the last 12 months and I’ve added quite a few pieces from their releases to my wardrobe. A truly elegant meshing of 40s and 50s styling, their pieces are great for leisure, work or something more formal with the versatility meaning they can be styled a multitude of different ways. The Allie dress is no exception to this and whenever I’ve worn it I’ve had many people ask if its true vintage, with the stunning floral fabric and cut.


The Allie dress is made of 97% cotton and 3% Elastane. This means it breaths beautifully and can comfortably be worn in the warmer or cooler weather. There is some light stretch to this dress which makes it comfortable to move around in which is a wonderful surprise considering the length of the sleeves. The sleeves I found also weren’t too tight on my upper arms which didn’t restrict my movement and I loved the lower back line, which is very different to what I normally wear. The zip was easy to manage on my own and the print is absolutely unreal in person. For size reference I’m wearing the size Large.


The bustline of the Allie dress is square, which is outside the norm for me but gives it a wonderful vintage vibe. The array of colours in the floral fabric also make it an absolute pleasure to style! As you have so many colours to work with. I particularly love the included purple belt as giving a pop of definition at the waist. Along with the neckline the Allie also features a pleated chest which as a smaller busted gal is a feature I truly love as it helps give my bust a more ample appearance without being too much for more formal or corporate situations. I also found the bodice of this dress delightfully flattering on my pear shape, as the flared skirt helps smooth the hips and the general shape of the body tends to reduce out lumps and bumps without heavy shapewear.


The Allie dress is one of my absolute favourites from the Voodoo Vixen’s last release and as my northern Hemisphere readers head into autumn and winter, this piece can definitely cover the cooler months as well as the warmer ones! I cannot wait to find other fun ways to style this gorgeous dress! The Allie dress retails for £55.00 which is roughly $92AU + postage depending on the exchange rate on the day! An absolute steal for such a gorgeous dress.

Special thanks to the Jet Cafe for letting us snap some shots with our coffee.

Til next time darlings!


Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress in collaboration with Voodoo Vixen, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.

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  1. It’s such a lovely dress. And I absolutely adore that photo of your sitting with your coffee – you wouldn’t find better in the highest quality magazine! Kx

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