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Retro Girl in a Modern World: Hilarious misconceptions I get based purely off how I dress

Now we all know that retro fashion is based on fashions from the previous decade, which was a very different time socially than it is now. Despite being an incredibly modern woman who just happens to enjoy wearing retro clothing, a lot of people (mostly strangers) make assumptions on my beliefs, hobbies and life aspirations based purely on how I look. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite misconceptions with you all that I get! I’d love to know how many you can relate to yourself!

1. I’m a homemaker/good cook

Domestic Goddess shot by Sherbet Birdie Photography

This one is probably one of my favorite misconceptions I receive. The idea that I must be a natural homemaker because of how I look. The truth is hilariously far from that reality. I’m normally too busy with other things in my life (like my job, my business and my blog) to even stop and remember to do domestic goddess things. My cooking expertise extends to cereal, serving up ice cream and a list of cooked meals that comes to a total of under 10 things. I actually find cooking rather daunting and stressful as I lack the skill set to be able to do much. I am in reality a typical millennial who doesn’t know how to cook well and would probably live off cereal and take out if it wasn’t for a my amazing man who was taught such an important life lesson. People who don’t know me tend to assume the latter. At least I know if I ever bring in pre-baked bakery goods to work they’ll think it was me!

2. That I must want to get married 

Halloween shoot by Dolly Dee photography

The above image is probably the closest I’ll ever be to being a bride (photo from my recent Halloween shoot). After being engaged to two past partners and deciding to call off the engagement in both instances, I’ve seen first hand how commercialized marriage can be. I find the whole shenanigan really outrageous in the world today, especially with the fact we have shows that undermine marriage like Farmer Wants a Wife, Married at First Sight and the Bachelor/Bachelorette but won’t allow real people to marry their loved ones based on gender. I realised in my mid twenties that I didn’t think marriage was for me and that’s totally ok.

3. That I want to start a family

My Family

Its no secret I come from a big family. I’ve sporadically shared my family members over social media for years. I’m the eldest of 5 kids in a blended family, the only one to my father with 2 half sisters and 2 half brothers, our ages ranging from 5 to me at 27. Being the eldest and baby sitting a lot in my teens, again the assumption was I’d eventually have kids too. I find that assumption is even higher now with how I dress and this is something my 7 year old sister likes to hilariously play on when she comes and visits. The reality is, I don’t really have a maternal bone in my body and have no real desire for a child of my own at this stage in my life. Living in the heart of Sydney too and being surrounded by some kids who aren’t the best behaved, I don’t actually like kids in general all that much.

My Danger Noodle Sammy

Impacted even more by my recent diagnosis, I’m content with my life as it is and my mother long accepted the closest thing to a grandchild I’ll ever probably give her is my snake Sammy. But I’ve found because of how I dress especially and as I’m approaching 30 slowly, people are commenting more. I have a very modern attitude around babies in the sense that people should be able to choose if they want kids or not. Procreation isn’t something that can be taken light nor is it a requirement. Not everyone is destined to be a parent and that is totally ok.

4. That I’m not very bright/intelligent

Me circa 2008

So in high school I was very plain in appearance. I didn’t wear make up much. I generally wore my hair out or in a pony tail until I cut it off in the worst posh bob. No one questioned my enthusiasm for learning. That part of me hasn’t changed. But I’ve found the way people talk to me now has. Even though I feel I have more knowledge than ever, I find that there’s an underlying assumption I’m not overly bright or intelligent of strangers based on my appearance. I’m sure this one carries across to women in all walks of life. Its just one assumption I find most interesting and equally unnerving.

5. That I live in a retro house


Another hilarious assumption, which I find ties into the homemaker expection is that because I dress 50s my house must be 50s themed. For me, the only vintage thing in my house specific to the 50s is my dressing table. My partner isn’t into vintage décor and that’s fine. We compromise. My house is pretty modern to be honest and as we’re still building up our furniture after restarting last year, its very eclectic in appearance at present. Not all vintage girls live in perfect vintage styled houses and that’s totally ok either way. In a lot of ways I wish I could have that kind of house but its not feasible for me.

6. Getting ready must take me forever

Photo by Boogie Bop Dames

My absolute personal favorite! “It must take you forever to get ready this morning”. I hear this comment SO much from people! When I was a beginner pinup, most definitely! It took hours. Now as a seasoned pinup however, my look takes 45-60 minutes to create, which includes my shower, makeup, hair, underpinnings, picking my outfit and getting dressed, taking ootd photos, packing my bag and leaving for work.  People tend to not believe me when I give them the time frame but I think they forget that pinup like all things is practice and routine. Its taken years but I’ve got it down to an art now. And I do love when I’m wearing a hairstyle from the previous day and I tell people its second day hair. Pinup hair can be amazing like that.

7. Dressing vintage must mean I have vintage values


A lot of people believe women and men who celebrate a vintage aesthetic must also have the same beliefs from the eras they enjoy. While I love wearing retro clothing, I am very much a modern woman with modern values. I identify as a feminist. I believe in equality for all. I hate violence. I’m all for people doing what fulfils them with their own lives and I’m watching constantly as I’m  apart of the rapidly shifting world. While I love past eras the treatment of women, people of colour, people of the LGBT community, people with disabilities….basically anyone who wasn’t at the most a white man and at the least a white woman. That’s not the kind of world I want to live in and I’m very happy being a modern woman who dresses retro!

8. That I’m graceful, elegant and lady like

Wearing Lindy Bop

This one is particularly hilarious because of how far removed from the truth it is. People have this idea that women of the past were poised, precise and elegant of movement and speech. I am none of these things. I’m incredibly clumsy, though the degree varies to how tired I am. I swear more than I care to admit. If there’s a single bump in the footpath you’ll guarantee I’m gonna unconsciously find it and step in it. I’m forever putting things down and forgetting where I put them. I’m far from the housewife image of the 50s. Which I love because even though these things can be frustrating, they help make me me.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little post. Something fun and different to brighten your afternoon on a Wednesday.

Til next time darlings!


3 thoughts on “Retro Girl in a Modern World: Hilarious misconceptions I get based purely off how I dress

    1. I don’t get that one as much as I used to because I work right in the cbd. I mostly get it from people that do dance who seem offended I don’t? But I don’t have time and I’m pretty unco with that sort of thing myself!

  1. I understand these usumptions come with being different. The one I hate is “do you have a special event on to be so dressed up”? No I just like to dress how I feel comfortable. Weather that be full retro or ready for camping, which seriously challenge the whole lingerie underpinnings thing. Always wear lipstick mainly because my lips dry out and lipstick prevents that and I don’t need to put lip balm on every five minutes.

    By the way love reading your articles. Look forward to them in my inbox. So thank you. You make the world a better place and also prettier

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