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Under the Sea with Erstwilder

Ah lovelies! The ocean is back with Erstwilder and I must admit, I am absolutely smitten. Its no secret I love sea life. I have an octopus on my thigh (who is soon to see another ocean friend join him) and I longed for a life near the sea growing up. I adored Erstwilder’s last ocean release and I was so beyond excited to add even more ocean goodies to my collection.

Oh Nina of the North is so so adorable. I love Narwals, they’re like unicorns of the sea. I remember watching documentaries as a child and thinking they looked so magically. Now I know lady Narwarls normally don’t rock such majestic horns but with creative lease we’ll turn a blind eye! Nina is made of a beautiful matte acrylic of blue and white with the cutest gold glitter horn. I know her colours will work so well with a lot of my outfits and her little smile is so pretty.

Mobile Home is a special brooch for me for a very special reason. As a little girl, my grandmother used to love shells. She used to collect them. Her home was full of jars upon jars of shells and they’re something I associate deeply with her. I was so excited when I saw a shell was being included in this seasons release as I really wanted a piece that I felt gave me that connection. And for me, Mobile Home is just that.

Ah jellyfish. Such a duality of pretty and deadly. I always found jellyfish interesting as these little guys float around the ocean, seemingly without a brain and still manage to eat and live. And they are truly humble that some of their smallest are their most dangerous. And a Portuguese man of war is an amazing thing to behold. Slippin’ Under is the prettiest little stinger! I love his hues of blue and white and I cannot wait to wear this little guy more.

And lucky last is the Manta’s Mantra! My third tattoo installment I actually want to be a manta ray so this guy got me all excited. These guys are just so graceful and incredible. Its amazing to watch them glide and move. He’s got similar matte colourings to Nina and I adore his little white spots. I know this little guy will get many outfits and I honestly cannot wait to style him with my outfits.

This latest release has just dropped into the Erstwilder store (and they’re amazing stockists!) along with an array of other goodies! Also crab and lobster ladies, there’s something in this range to fulfil for red crustacean desires too!

Erstwilder brooches retail for $39.95 and $49.95 for necklaces. As a long time collector of Erstwilder they are definitely a love affair and worth every penny!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review and that you find something in this beautiful range that tickles your fancy! Hopefully next time the wind doesn’t blow up so much of a storm on shoot days.

Til next time darlings


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