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My 5 step guide to easy OOTD photos (no photographer boyfriend required)

Hello darlings!

Now this is a different sort of post today and I hope its one people find helpful! Now one thing I share a lot of on my IG and facebook are my Outfit Of The Day shots (or OOTD) which I post up almost every day. These are a fun way of sharing my style and expressing myself. A question thats been cropping up a lot is how I take my own OOTD shots. There are a lot of pinups it sometimes feels that have photographer boyfriends (enthusiasts or professionals) who step up to capture that perfect ootd photo for them which is wonderful but this isn’t everyone’s reality, mine included. So I’ve found way to take my ootd shots which was time (I used to only have 5 minutes to shoot before rushing out the door so setup had to be simple) and cost effective. So here it is!

Step 1 – Location Location Location

The spot for your OOTD is important. For me, living in an apartment block makes ootd shots difficult (so much concrete, not much green! and lost of children) so I opt to take mine inside. As my unit is very long and narrow, with most of the walls having furniture on them I take my shots infront of my bedroom door. This allows an almost ‘blank canvas’ background which means my outfits are the focus. If you have an outdoor option take it! Natural light is generally the most flattering and it can give some wonderful feels to ootd shots.

Step 2 – get the right equipment

Now here’s the first part of a good ootd equation. Even if you don’t have someone to take your photo for you, you can just do it yourself. My setup is simple and won’t break the bank. The first thing I use is a tripod. You can get them from photography stores or ebay, but basically you want a standard photography tripod, which looks something like below. When shooting with this tripod you want it at around waist height and I personally have a slight downward tilt

The next thing you need is a camera stand bracket for your Phone. If you have an iphone you can find here I got mine by clicking here. You want the upright bracket as pictured below so you can get the photo of you vertically instead of horizontally. These brackets were the best find for lifting my selfie/ootd game as they screw onto any tripod/selfie stick which is awesome as most only come with a horizontal bracket and they’re super cheap too.  If you aren’t completely confident in your phones timer camera, you can invest in a bluetooth shutter remote for under $10 which allows you to take a photo with the press of a button. I personally just use my timer when I’m indoors.

Now light rings are all the rage and they can be quite pricey (I have one on my wishlist for example but haven’t been able to commit yet) but for an ootd shoot umbrella lights can be amazing and are much more cost effective. I use only one of my set of two (the phone sits low enough to not impact the light) and its ample light for a clear shot. It also acts as a great fill light. For example, I stand side on to our balcony doors so my light helps fill the apartment side of my body which would otherwise by shadowed!

Step 3 – Strike a pose!


Posing can be tricky if your new but for a basic OOTD shot there’s a really easy formula! You can see the difference of posed (left) an unposed (right). The secret to a basic pinup pose is to create a slight S shape with your body. This is easy done by changing your feet, dropping your weight into one hip and slightly leaning your upper body way from that hip. I like to extend one side of my skirt because of how I edit photos, plus if it has a print it shows it off. You can place hands where ever they feel comfortable. Play around with poses and find what works for you!

Step 4 ~ Tweak it

Now because I work with such a narrow area for my OOTD, I prefer to either mirror the photo or put two photos in the same outfit but a different pose side by side. My two go to apps for this are Mirror Photo (for iphone) to combine the above look and I use LiPix for all my other combining framed photos as show below. This is great for ladies with limited space as it cuts out a lot of the unnecessary stuff around you and helps as always to make your outfit the main attraction!

Step 5 ~ Post that photo!

From there I simply post that photo! I love that social media helps us share our love of fashion and retro styling together and I hope you’ve all found this little pinup hack useful!


Til next time darlings!

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