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Summer Sass with Veronica from Voodoo Vixen

We’ve all had that experience. We see a dress, we like it. But when we try it on its like it was made for us. It just fits so nicely and makes you feel invincible. Dresses can seriously make a girl feel like she could take over the world and this is exactly how I felt slipping into the Veronica Flared Summer Dress from Voodoo Vixen!

Flowers ~ Regal Ruth from Daisy Jean Designs

Earrings ~ Gold Square Earrings from Voodoo Vixen

Necklace ~ red beads from Debstar Designs

Brooch ~ Red Burlesque fan from Wild Brooches

Dress ~ Veronica Flared Summer dress from Voodoo Vixen

Shoes ~ Liza heels in red from BAIT Footwear

For those who aren’t familiar with Voodoo Vixen, they are a Uk based company that sell retro style clothing and have recently branched out into accessories, lingerie and shoes making them a fabulous store that you can now purchase a complete purchase from. I was so excited to see their latest offerings, as they’ve been killing it design wise for the past 18 months and the Veronica dress has definitely become my favorite. Comfortable, flattering and functional, this dress is a must have for any pom pom loving pinup!

The gorgeous Veronica is made from 100% Polyester and is wonderfully light to wear. Her shoulder straps are adjustable, she has elastic through the back of the bodice for a comfortable fit but a side zipper to allow for nice body lines. The waist on this dress is fitted and doesn’t give much so thats something to keep in mind. The pleated bust is a feature I really love as it helps give my waist definition and the skirt is full yet light weight. I adore the different coloured pom pom details as I find these lend the dress to an array of different styling possibilites when it comes to accessories and also breaks the black with such bright colours. The pom poms aren’t heavy either so they don’t weigh it down.

For sizing, I’m wearing the large and for me its pretty spot on! I can happily wear it with or without a corset and I love it on my figure in both instances. The adjustible straps also mean I can wear it with different bras without it impacting fit and the elastic back of the bodice does mean it is a great dress if your weight fluctuates a bit. And ladies, did I mention it has pockets??

I’ve worn this dress a number of times since it slid into my wardrobe and its always met with compliments and positivity, not just for how it looks on but also for how amazing it obviously helps make me feel. I’m so thrilled to have this dress in my collection and it really is a must have for any gal who wants a black dress with a bit of colour is basically just pompom obsessed! I completed my look with the most gorgeous gold earrings also from Voodoo Vixen! I’m hard core loving their sunnies section at the moment too! So give it a peak.

Hoping you’ve all loved this review! The Veronica Summer Flared Dress is £49.00/$85.76AUD + postage and for a dress under $100au it really is a steal. I adore wearing it and actually have to stop myself wearing it every day when I first got it. This is definitely not one to miss out on!

Til next time darlings

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress in collaboration with Voodoo Vixen, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.


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