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Retro Hair Styling with Headcase Hair

For the past few years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have an amazing team of hairdressers from Headcase Hair in Paddington, Sydney Australia looking after my locks! First with my amazing colourist Kay keeping my blonde locks looking amazing and then with hairdresser Gus helping to tame my mane to level up my vintage sets. But after reading of a girls experience on a hair Facebook group in which she took a photo of my regular set to a hairdresser asking for something similar for them to completely get it wrong, I wanted to share that they also understand how to do a vintage style set for ladies needing hair done for functions and events.

Jon Pulitano is the Artistic Director at Headcase hair is a highly accomplished hair stylist, having worked for Fashion week and with brands/designers such as Chanel,  Camilla and Marc, Alice McCall, Sara Phillips, Carl Kapp, Therese Rawsthorne, Ellery, Kate Sylvester, Flannel and Life with Bird. I was so excited to work with Jon to create a fun, curly retro-inspired look for this blog, to help showcase some important elements of retro styling that a lot of other salons lack.

Before and After Styling by Jon Pulitano of Headcase Hair

Before and After Styling by Jon Pulitano of Headcase Hair

Before and After Styling by Jon Pulitano of Headcase Hair

It was an interesting experience to see someone else style my rather rebellious locks when I even struggle with them sometimes. I have a lot of hair and it rather likes being straight so it can be a challenge. To start, as it has been a while since I’d had my hair done last I had a wash and Kay popped my usual toner through my hair to freshen up my colour. Then it was off to a seat to start styling! On a side note, the fact Headcase have reclining massage chairs at their basins is one of my favorite features of the salon!

Jon drying my hair post product application so we can start styling.

Products used to achieve this look

So first thing Jon did was pack my wet hair with the Fashion Waves spray to grit it right up and then blow dried it. Once it was dry and had the right texture, we started with a pin-curl set done with a hot tong done in a twisted wrapped motion in the same direction. This took quite a while as I have a LOT of hair (Guss was an absolute champion with it) but we soon had it all pinned in a proper set. Most pinups know that pinning a curl set to let it cool will help the curls last longer. It was wonderful to see the salon knowing this technique too, as I have visited others in the past that didn’t practice this when setting hair.

Jon and Guss begin heat setting my hair

Pincurls in progress

Pincurl set complete

Once my set was in, we gave it enough time to cool down completely before Jon used his bristle brush and went to work on shaping a curly look to a curled bang. We took out all my pin-curl clips, he separated the curls with his fingers and then started shaping. This is a style that had a lot of volume and body, I loved how it sat thanks to my cut and it was so fluffy. I’m also a sucker for a good fringe for a retro style and I loved the fringe Jon gave me for this look.

Jon Breaking up the curls

Shaping the style

Hair Spraying and finishing off

After finishing off with the Redkin hairsprays pictured above my set was done. I also ended up having these fluffy curls for 3 days!! which for a heat set and my hair is nuts and is also testiment to the styling skills of the team.

It is always a challenge to find a hairdresser that has the breadth of knowledge and skills required for even a basic retro curl set. Many promise everything but don’t deliver. I love that I’ve found a Sydney based salon that covers all my hair bases with my colour, a cut that works with setting my hair on the regular and also with styling! See the finished look photos below and you can book your own hair appointment at Headcase hair by calling (02) 93809988. Tell them you read the review if you want.


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post!  And as my life balance levels, I’m hoping many more to come.

You can see the real time step by step of how this hairstyle was achieved by clicking here!

You’ll be able to catch more Headcase Hair on my social media when I regularly go in for a fresh colour and cut! I know how hard it can be to find a salon that even understands what a pin-curl set is so I hope this post has helped Sydney based ladies learn of an amazing hairdresser that has a wonderfully skilled staff in their own area!

Til next time darlings.

Disclaimer: This post was done in Collaboration with the Styling Team of Headcase Hair

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