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Taos Teal with Karina Dresses

Its no secret I adore Karina dresses and in a love of way’s they’re my go to for comfort and style. I’ve been wearing this amazing brand for the past 2 or so years and they never cease to amaze me with their new fabric prints and flawless design, that works for gals of all shapes and sizes! I also adore their process of releasing their dress styles in new prints, which is fabulous or when you find a dress you adore so much that you can get it again and again in new looks. They’re latest theme of “Western Wandering” has been one of their favorites to date for me and I’m so excited to share my favorite from the range, the Megan Dress in Taos Teal print.

Hat & Bag ~ Vintage

Sunglasses~ Ebay

Earrings ~ Bonnie hoops in magenta from Daisy Jean Designs

Brooch ~ Spiney Seedling Echidna brooch by Erstwilder

Dress ~ Megan Dress in Taos Teal from Karina Dresses

Shoes ~ Nita heels from Royal Vintage Shoes (discontinued)

For those who aren’t familiar with Karina dresses, they make super comfortable ‘easy’ dresses with some styles lending themselves to a vintage aesthetic. Their designs dry crease free, have no zippers or buttons (simply slip over your head and off you go!) and their comfortable stretchy fabric make them fabulous for a range of body shapes and sizes. As a young woman who lives with endometriosis I particularly love their dresses as they fit me on my good and bad days, as well as their cut giving me a nice silhouette regardless. These dresses are also great for keeping your look while doing things that other dresses may be restrictive on with no just life but travel. Many of their styles are also breast feeding friendly!

This isn’t my first Megan dress and it definitely won’t be my last. The Megan dress has a fabulous vintage feel ontop of being super comfortable! The cross over V neck bodice gives me good coverage and is a cut I find particularly flattering on me. I also love the waistband which helps give my waist definition on days I’m all natural as well as all laced up! The length on me is at the knees (I’m 5’3) but on a gal whose hips aren’t as full it would probably sit slightly lower. I also love the gathered seams at the shoulder of the sleeves, which gives me naturally narrow and rounded shoulders the illusion of more shape and a more 40s style look without shoulder pads.

Size wise the fit of Karina dresses is very comfortable and generous. I wear their M/L size and it fits me both with a corset/girdle on and without very comfortably. For reference, my natural measurements are a 40 inch bust and a 33 inch waist. The fabric has give which means the arms aren’t tight if yours are a bit bigger, while simultaneously offering some coverage if its something that makes you self conscious. No zips means no fighting seam joins and its great to know if I’m in a hurry or not feeling the best I can throw on a Karina dress and know I’ll look great! They’re also size inclusive with their sizes offered ranging from an SX to an XXXL.

The new Taos Teal print has quickly become a favorite of mine to reach for too for its fun styling! I adore greens and teals and this dress filled that teal shaped hole in my wardrobe I didn’t know existed! For this shoot I went for a more vintage feel with my new true vintage 40s hat and handbag, using my brooch and earrings for a strong pop of colour!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review! Karina dresses truly is a brand I love wearing and enjoy sharing with you all! The megan dress in taos Teal will set you back $108US/$146AU + postage! I’ve been wearing my Karina dresses for a number of years now and they are all still going strong! I truly wonderful dress that can be worn by so many of us!

Til next time darlings

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress in collaboration with Karina Dresses, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.

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