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The Wilds of Africa with Erstwilder

Animals are one of my favorite things to rock as a brooch, purely due to the many fun ways they can be represented in wearable art. While I realised recently that the bulk of my animal brooches in my own brooch draw were are primarily birds and dinosaurs, I was super excited to see the newest range from Australian business Erstwilder centering around African Animals with some beautiful bold colours and cute designs!

My first favorite from this release is the adorable Short Sighted Sophie the Gorilla brooch! This little cutie is the prettiest pink and is rocking the sassiest red glitter glasses. I really adore gorillas. The’yre such an intelligent, nurturing and amazing animal, with this love helped along in my youth by movies such as Tarzan and Mighty Joe Young. So even though her name is Sophie, with that sassy face I’m secretly renaming her Terk. It seems I’m not the only one loving Sophie as she’s now sold out on the Erstwilder Website! But you can still pick her up at two of my favorite stockists Wild Brooches and Gwynnies!

My second favorite from the Erstwilder African release is the Heart of Africa Giraffe brooch. The bold yellow colour, with accents of brown and pink are what really caught my eye and I love the symmetry of the heart shape. Plus Giraffes with their super long everything (necks, legs, tongues) are epically cool. I also don’t have a whole lot of yellow in my brooch drawer and this seemed the perfect opportunity to rectify this! This brooch is still available at Erstwilder direct or from stockists (stockist list below!)


I saved my absolute favorite til last! The adorable Kubo the Cutie hippo was the one that won my heart from this release! Her little rolly body, her beautiful mint colour, her nose freckles and rose cheeks just had me in a swoon. This little one will go with SO MUCH in my wardrobe and I must admit its going to take all my strength to not wear her 24/7. She’s such an adorable representation of an animal that in africa is probably one of the fiercest!

All of these brooches are now live on the Erstwilder website, though some have sold out! So don’t forget to hit up your local stockists too!

Here are some of my Favorites!

Wild brooches


Natasha Marie Clothing

Broochaholic Store

Erstwilder brooches retail for $39.95au + postage! If you prefer to shop in your own country for those outside of Australia, check the stockist link above as they are stocked worldwide! Another fabulous Erstwilder release! Which one was your favorite?

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these brooches in collaboration with erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.




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