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My 4 step bad body day survival guide

It’s no secret we all get bad days, days where we just aren’t feeling good about ourselves and days that just make us feel rock bottom. Unfortunately nowadays I seem to get them more than ever, thanks to hormone mood swings of my IUD and just relearning to love my endoes body, means that sometimes a lot of very nasty self-talk and bad feelings that never used to blare so loud. But in the past 12 months I’ve worked on and stuck to a little guide I follow on days when I feel particular horrible in the bI ody love department and for me, they help a lot!

Step 1 – step away from social media

Don’t get me wrong! I love my social media. It’s helped me connect with so many amazing people, have so many incredible opportunities and has helped me past some massive personal hurdles. But the nature of the beast is that social media for most is a highlight reel, a place where people want to put their best moments out there. On days when I’m not feeling that good about my own body/life/self, social media can fan the flames moreso than put them out. I’ve found when I feel these moods coming on, not checking my social media, even for a couple of hours can really help stop the mood taking a stronghold or let it settle completely. We can often feel obligated to be on social media all the time too, please remember you don’t. Its ok to take the time away.

2. Reach out to a friend/loved one

I am fortunate at the age of 28 to have an amazing support network of friends I never could have imagined at 18. These friends have been an incredible rock for me and I know if I’m having a bad day I can reach out and vent in a safe space. Somethings that venting and understanding can lift a massive weight off my shoulders and help raise me up again. Building yourself a strong support network isn’t always easy and can take a lot of time, but its something I’m so grateful to have. Sometimes a chat, a hug, a coffee catch up can make the world of a difference.

3. Partake in some self-care

In our busy world, self-care can be something that we can put on the back burner as something unimportant that we don’t have time for. For me, this is a particularly bad habit as I tend to work myself to the point I burn out because I haven’t done that self-care in between. Sometimes a bad body day can be triggered by not doing my self-care and recharging myself. Self-care for everyone is different. For me it’s a hot shower, a nice hair set, an early nights sleep and some quality time with my loved ones. For someone else, it might be totally different and that’s ok! But make that time to recharge yourself, take care of yourself and make sure you’re ok. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

4. Be mindful of your self-talk

We, unfortunately, live in a society that promotes negative self-talk, namely due to our culture of capitalism wanting us to buy things to feel better. It can be subtle too, which is dangerous as it makes it easy to take on board without realizing and set off that little nasty voice we all have that can get in our ear and sprout such horrible things to us about us. I try and practice the rule of thumb that if I wouldn’t say it to my 8-year-old sister, then I certainly shouldn’t be saying it to myself. It’s crazy how acceptable self-deprecating behaviour is. We do it without realizing it but being aware of it is one of the first ways to move past it. I know my little voice gets SUPER loud when I’m stressed, so knowing to challenge and change that behaviour is really important. I often take what the voice is saying and flip it to something positive that I then reinforce to myself.


I hope you’ve found this post informative and helpful! These are the steps I pretty much follow on most of my bad days and most of the time it really helps me flip it to have a better day.

Til next time darlings!


One thought on “My 4 step bad body day survival guide

  1. Thanks Missi. Yes, human contact (with non-toxic individuals) is always a great salve for the deeper chasms of despair that we might find ourselves in sometimes. I often think of it like a kind of phantom-limb syndrome where the disconnected emotional nerve-endings are more unbearable than the actual solitude or absence in our lives.

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