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Stockings for Life Saving thick thighs ~ Curve Stockings from What Katie did

Thick thighs save lives, or so they say. My thighs have always been thick, even at a smaller size. They’ve always touched: the very best of buds and have more than once saved things from falling to the floor. They also make fabulous cat nap cushions and help attribute to my much-loved curves. One thing they can make tricky though is finding stockings that fit their fullness. I adore the What Katie Did (WKD) Glamour seam stockings and wear them pretty much daily when I dress up. While my thighs are slim enough to wear the standard WKD glamour seams with minimal issue, I do know many gals that struggled with them to fit their own life-saving thighs. I was, therefore, super excited when WKD announced they were releasing ‘Curve’ Stockings and just knew I had to share my thoughts on these new larger fit stockings for you all!

So what can I tell you about the new Curve stockings from WKD? Well firstly there is a massive sizing difference between the curve and their standard glamour seam sizes. Made to fit a thigh circumference of 
28-36″ they are definitely amazing for curvier ladies! For sizing reference, I’m 5’3 tall and my current thigh circumference at the widest part is 31″. Currently available in black seam/champagne tone, all black, and all champagne, we’re hoping that with popularity growth in these they become available in other colours! I do find the stocking ever so slightly thinner than my standard glamour seams, this does, however, give them more stretch and the welts are incredibly stretchy in comparison to their firmer standard size counterparts. So, onto my side by side, which I did when WKD bought out their glamour seams!

Left pair is Glamour Seams in black/Champagne in size M/L
Right pair is Curve stockings black/champagne
Right pair is Curve stockings black/champagne
Left pair is Glamour Seams in black/Champagne in size M/L

So here are two brand new from the packet stockings to compare. Here is the side by side of them on and you can see there is a considerable difference in how far up they come compared to the standard glamour seams. You can also see the slight colour difference as well from the slight difference in thickness. These Curve stockings cover the thicker part of my thigh too which is my ‘thigh rub danger zone’ so would be a great option for ladies with this issue. They could go higher on my thighs, I just couldn’t get my stocking clips any tighter (short torso problems lol).

For wear and tear, I found the Curve stockings matched up pretty close to the glamour seams, which for me is normally around the two month mark per pair. Though make sure you are mindful when you wear them to help increase their longevity! If you’re interested in how to extend the life of your stockings i have a post coming about it in January next year!

Ontop of extending their stocking sides, they’ve also added large suspender sizes to their Liz, Maitresse and Harlow lines, which now go upto a size UK22, so not only can curvier ladies now invest in stockings for their fuller thighs they can also get themselves a suspender belt to hold their new pretties up as well!

The WKD Curve stockings are available now from the WKD website and will set you back £10.00 ($17.68AU) per pair, which is a great price for such a good quality stocking! WKD shipping is pretty quick to Oz too, which is an added bonus!

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Comp closes the 18th December 2018! 

Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these stockings in collaboration with What Katie Did, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.

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