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New Years Eve Ready in Kitten D’Amour

Its not very often I see a dress online and know instantly that I need to have it. But boy oh boy did I know I needed the new Sequin vamp dress in red and champagne sequins from Kitten D’Amour when they shared it on their IG recently and I have to say, it did not disappoint.

Earrings ~ Revere Folie
Dress ~ Kitten D’Amour
Shoes ~ Royal Vintage Shoes

I’m a sucker for party dresses, but in all honestly I didn’t really have one that was both summer appropriate and party appropriate, which for Sydney Australia is kind of a must for the Christmas/NYE season. The Vamp dress in sequins (red and champagne) I knew would be that perfect dress, with red being such a power It’s of mine and the champagne matching my blonde locks. This was the first dress I’ve ever purchased in store as I wanted to try it on before I purchased it (pear girl problems) and found the fabric pleasantly stretchy and that my usual size 18 was ample in this stunning dress.

So what can I tell you about this slinky dress? Well firstly hen worn I feel like a movie star. I recently wore it to a Christmas party and got a big bevy of compliments on this gorgeous frock and I can see why. The Vamp is stretchy enough to accommodate a range of sizes and the sequins are really beautifully done in terms of gradient.  The zip does up well and doesn’t snag on the sparkles either! In my case I will eventually put it in to have a slight dart put in the shoulders as they’re a bit roomier than I’d like but otherwise it fits like a glove.

Now one crucial questions is around the sequins themselves. During my initial try on, I didn’t notice any rubbing on my arms or underarms. After wearing it for a night, I only found in the last hour or so that the sequins became noticeably annoying for me in the underarm area. I think this is due to their smaller size, that they aren’t overly large and there isn’t a lot of overlap around the sleeve holes, which means they aren’t jabby in the underarms. 

I know I’ve got my new years look sorted (if I go out that is lol)! While this colourway of Red and Champagne is sold out, this dress is still available in the red and black colourway which is equally as pretty and will set you back for $289.00 + Postage!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this blog post and these photos! I adore how this dress took to being shoot. 

Til next time darlings!

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