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Marilyn Vibes with Siren Swimwear

So it recently came to my attention that I own a lot of swimwear, more than I actually expected. It really doesn’t come as a surprise though because of my affinity with water. I feel most at ease in water and when I lived in a place with a pool regular swimming was a major tool for me in overcoming some serious anxiety issues I was struggling with at the time. I also have a bit of a habit of stalking ebay and buy swap sell pages and recently snapped up this beauty (brand new with tags!) from Australian company Siren’s swimwear and just knew after I received it that I had to review this baby for you all!

So who is Siren Swimwear? Siren swimwear is an Australian company whose website states their mission is to raise the confidence of women and build a community of women that are: inspired, confident & connected. I love that their website is inclusive of body shapes and sizes as well as ages. They have a unique approach to their shopping too, which can be great for ladies who get a bit anxious trying to shop for Swimsuits in stores! I’m wearing the Marilyn Swim Dress in pale blue stripe (this colourway isn’t available but you can get the swim dress in other colours) and I must admit I’m really loving it for something different for the beach.

So find buying swimwear a little intimidating and not sure where to start or what style to pick? Siren’s have a helpful suit to body shape guide based on which of their suits can look flattering on certain shapes. As a girl who sometimes feels a bit self-conscious about her lower half, I love the Marilyn swim dress for the extra coverage it gives. Makes me feel like I’m rocking a wiggle dress instead of a cosi!

While I’m smaller busted (this swim dress makes my bust look bigger than it is!) it has amazing bust support if you’re a larger busted girl. The cups are tilted which provides great lift and support. The fabric is also shapewear lined, which helps give you that little bit of a smooth bodyline.

The Marilyn dresses also come with matching bottoms that also smooth the tummy and nip the waist. And if the Marilyn dress isn’t your style, they have a range of other styles to suit different tastes and likes. I’m personally itching to try one of their bikinis and standard swimsuits after having this gorgeous swim dress. They also do swim shirts for those of us who burn easy that match their suits in their prints!

So I mentioned earlier they have a unique way of shopping? Well, Siren’s swimwear has a ‘Try at home” option! Basically, you pay a deposit and they send you 3 swimsuits of your choice to try on at home. You keep the ones you like (if more than the deposit price you pay the difference) and send the ones you don’t like back with their provided returns label! A great way if you’re self-conscious about swimwear by letting you try them on in the comfort of your home! This is also a wonderful option if you’re not sure about what styles you think will suit you, get 3 different ones and keep the one that you think best suits you!

You can shop the Siren’s Swimwear range here, with a range of styles at a range of prices!

I hope you’ve all loved this review! I’ve been loving stepping outside my comfort zone and shooting swimwear more regularly this year! Til next time darlings!

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