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2018 reflections in Vivien of Holloway

            Wearing the Lana Dress in Pink Hibiscus Print

So 2019 is well and truly here and to be honest, I’m still in a bit of a spin. 2018 was such a massive year for me in so many ways and some days I kind of can’t believe how much my life has changed in such a very short space of time. I am so incredibly grateful for the amazing support I’ve received from the community and am so excited for 2019!

I started my business Daisy Jean a number of years ago, focusing on floral hair pieces. In 2017, as an avid brooch wearer, I began to teach myself graphic design to make my own. I did it with no real thought of where it would take me. I had no processes in place. No real experience of running anything bigger than a hobby business, which Daisy Jean quickly outgrew in late 2017/8. I’m so proud of how far along my design work has come in 2018 and that’s something I’m insanely proud of.

My business got super busy in late 2018 and coupled with some personal choices I decided to take my business full time. 2018 for me was a year of a lot of sacrifices to learn the ropes of running a business which was a lot of trial and error. I’ve learned the importance of planning and process. I’ve sacrificed so much in terms of my social life in 2018 but its been worth it. I’ve set myself goals to make my business the best it can be in 2019. By having goals and building 2019 ahead of it arriving I’m learning the importance of life balance.

Flash forward to now and I’m working 100% for myself. Doing so has allowed me the freedoms to get my health in check in terms of my endometriosis and its taught me so much about how to be a business boss babe.  The importance of scheduling, the importance of organization and that I can do so SO much more than I ever anticipated I could. This self employed gig has made me grow up a lot too. I don’t feel like a teenager pretending to be an adult anymore. I feel like an adult and like I’ve actually got it together.

So in 2019 I’ve got some goals aimed around my own self-growth. I’ve enrolled into burlesque classes that start later this week. I’m aiming to attend more social outings and not be such a hermit. I’ve got goals to get back to a body with enough fitness to be able to return to pole dancing. I’ve already started working on a healthier lifestyle as of October last year. My blog is also back on the agenda after it had to take a bit of a back seat last year.

So here’s to another amazing year of growth, of adulting and of generally being fabulous! Thank you all for sticking around and I hope you love the content I’ve got coming in 2019.

Also how absolutely gorgeous is this Lana dress in this photoset? Its the Pink Hibiscus Lana print dress from Vivien of Holloway of course!

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