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How to have a beach body! Beating Body Angst this summer!

Normally when we think ‘summer time’, we think of joyous trips to the beach, swimming, fun in the sun and time with loved ones. However, for many people (not just women) summer time and the prospect of being outdoors, wearing less to keep cool or heading to the local beach/pool to cool off is an incredibly daunting experience. In a world that constantly tells us we have to look or be a certain way, it can cause a lot of body angst. I know I’ve suffered it myself. So I wanted to share some things I do to beat body angst so I can enjoy my time in the sun during summer.

The first step is to find a killer suit. With so many different swimsuits available now in both plus and standard sizing, there really are a HEAP of options for what to wear. I personally favor one pieces and high waisted bikinis as I prefer to keep my endo scared tummy tucked away in public. The high waisted bottoms also highlight my smaller waist ration and make me feel hella cute! So do some research, look around, find a swimsuit that makes you feel amazing and snap it up!

The next step I like to do when I’m feeling body angsty about going to the beach or pool, is to remind myself that we all feel like that at some point in our lives. Every person at the beach or pool at some point has felt unhappy with how they look and nervous about stepping out in public to go enjoy the water. Deep down we all have these same body angst feelings and its important to keep in mind when we’re feeling anxious that we aren’t alone.

If I’m feeling super nervous, I take a friend! While I didn’t have a buddy for this shoot day, I will often hit the beach with one of my besties or with some pals! Going with friends now only makes it fun, but it also gives you a support network in the event you start feeling self conscious or anxious! One of my favorite ‘gal pal’ events I go to is the Sherbet Birdie California Pool Party! (held this year in on Feb 10th!) Just a big group of gals getting together, supporting each other and having a swim!

Take care of yourself while you’re out in the sun too! This may seem like a bit of a silly thing to consider but I know when I’m dehydrated or starting to burn, especially here in our harsh Australian sun, I tend to start feeling a bit blah and then the first thing my brain tends to do is beat myself up. So remember to Slip, Slop, Slap, stay hydrated and listen to your body!

And lastly, please remember that you and your body are worthy! No matter your size, your shape, your ethnicity, your age, your abilities or anything else, you have worth. And you are allowed to go to the beach, without feeling anything other than amazing. Please try not to take negativity from others on board about your body. Its their baggage, not yours and you don’t have to carry it for them!

And On a closing note! Not sure there to nap yourself a swimsuit thats retro? The following stores all make retro styled cozi’s that come in a range of sizes!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and that it helps you embrace your body this summer. So go and treat yourself to a new swimsuit, grab a gal pal and hit the water!

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