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A walk down nostalgia lane with Sesame Street and Erstwilder

Growing up in the 90s, Sesame street was definitely one of the shows I remember from my childhood. Having a grandfather that liked the muppets, really concreted my love of these adorable fluffy puppets early. So I was SUPER excited when I saw that Erstwilder was taking a walk down memory lane with their latest release, with a range of Sesame Street goodies to celebrate the shows 50th Anniversary this year!

Its amazing to see how this show has flourished with some incredible new cast additions. But for me, the ones from my own time watching the show are my favorites! Oscar the grouch and his little grub totally won me over with their Elmo, Cookies and Oscar necklace! I adored Oscar growing up as I found his grouchiness cute and that he still had such amazing friends that accepted him for who he was.

The Yip Yip earrings were probably though the design I was most excited for. These cute aliens were such a favorite of mine growing up and even now as an adult, their ‘yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, ah huh, ah huh’ can sometimes slip into my vocabulary when I’m being silly! They’re also super light weight and comfortable!

Cookie Monster is my next favorite from this release! I adored cookie monster growing up because well, you know, his absolute adoration for cookies. Plus he was blue, which is one of my absolute favorite colours! And I do love that he comes with a little matching cookie as a set!

This collection also features many other favorite characters like Bert, Ernie and Duckie, Elmo, Super Grover, Snufflupagus, Count Von Count, Big Bird and Zoe!

Erstwilder also have a special Sesame Street brooch available too as a give when you purchase 3 or more brooches from their new Sesame street release! The perfect design for double brooching!

These goodies are all now available at Erstwilder!

They ship worldwide too. So don’t delay in grabbing yourself some nostalgic Sesame Street goodies

Til next time darlings

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these brooches in collaboration with erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.

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