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Endangered Animals with Erstwilder

Erstwilder’s newest collection has dropped and this release they’re focusing on Endangered Animals.


It is a sad thing that in our modern world, so many animals are joining the endangered list for a variety of man made reasons. With this release they’ve aligned with Wilderness Society to donate $2 from every sale of each design to support their conservation work! So these are pretty pieces with a purpose.


Its no secret I’m an ocean lover. As a teenager I actually wanted to enter the field of Marine Biology and specialise in conservation, however my life turned out different. My love and reverence for the ocean however still runs deep in me and the Blue Whale is up there amongst my favorite animals. These slow moving giants are so elegant and peaceful, so I’m glad to be able to add them into my collection.

I do love the touch of having this design as a mother and calf duo, as for me this is always how I envision these giants (except for Orcas) and their differing acrylics are simply stunning. Sadly, some whale species are still impacted by past and present whaling along with other human activities like over fishing and pollution.


The pangolin is sadly the worlds most trafficked mammal! This gentle little guy’s scales are considered highly valuable in traditional chinese medicines and they are sadly therefore killed and trafficked for their scales. Pangolin’s are well known for curling into balls when threatened and its so sad these beautiful creatures are beginning to be pushed towards extinction.

Thankfully there are some amazing organisations now helping to stop the poaching of pangolin’s and to help protect them as a species. I was so happy to see their inclusion in this list to help raise awareness of their struggles!


My last personal pick from this release is the Hold On Louie necklace, which is of an Orangutan which if we’re gonna be honest is one of the poster children of animal conservation. Orangutans are under threat due to deforestation of their natural habitat for products like Palm Oil and when they defend their homes they are usually killed. The plight of the Orangutan is absolutely devastating and one I hope we can combat in the future, to allow these gentle beings to live in their natural homes without fear of people.

This collection (along with some amazing matching jumpers!) is now live over at the Erstwilder Website as well as with their amazing stockists!

Looking forward to chatting again soon darlings

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these brooches in collaboration with erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.

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