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Seeing Scarves! In Erstwilder

Wearing the Heartfelt Hydrangea Neck Scarf

Scarves. For people within the realm of ‘regular’ fashion or mainstream fashion, a scarf is often just an implement to wrap around your neck when your cold. Or if your scarf is large enough to use at the movies as a blanket (something I am certainly guilty of on occasion!) but I found very quickly when I got into pinup that for a retro girl a scarf is so so much more.

Let me count the ways dear pinups in which scarves aid the pinup style:

  • Having a bad hair day and need it covered? Scarf!
  • Need to cover a set to to sleep with it? Scarf!
  • Need to cover a set to go out in public or do household chores? Scarf
  • Want to protect your hair when you’re out in the elements? Scarf
  • Need to hide the back of that messy beehive or poodle? Scarf!
  • Actually have a cold neck and want to look cute? Scarf!
  • Just want to have a cute neck accessory? Scarf!
  • And on the odd occasion…I’ve even known people online to rock them as belts
Poppy Field Headscarf

Now another thing I know pinups Love is to be matchy matchy. I mean I know its a fabulous day when my entire outfit matches from top to bottom and underneath to over, so it’s no surprise we like to match our hair accessories to our outfits and as an avid broochie I was super excited when Aussie brooch maker Erstwilder bought out some amazing new scarves to match prints of some of their most popular brooch designs.

She Loves me Daisy Scarf Large

Now one thing that got me really excited about these scarves is their two different lengths! A standard size of a hair scarf which is great for beehives or cute hair bows and their large size! This larger size lends itself to so many uses from belts, handbag accents, turbans, hair wraps and hair covers! They’re nice and vibrant, soft to touch. These are also going to be slightly hardier than my nylon scarves, which I tend to not like to wrap over rollers due to their thinner nature.

The Satisfied Squirrel Head Scarf

These scarves are $19.95AU for the headscarf size and $29.95 for the larger ones! They can be purchased directly from Erstwilder by clicking here. Also don’t forget to support their amazing stockists too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little review and its given you some ideas on different ways to style your scarves. I’m hoping to do a youtube video soon with some styling ideas too!

Til next time darlings

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these brooches in collaboration with erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.

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