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2020 Free Trial period Over ~ With Vinnie Boy Vintage!

Wearing Vinnie Boy Vintage Dearest Deer Fawn and Bluebird tee

Ah 2020…I can honestly say this isn’t what I expect from you. If you’d told me that the final year of my 20s would start with a roaring success that quickly shuttered into a world pandemic, well I probably would have laughed. Like so many 2020 was to be my best year, especially after a wealth of growth in 2019. Then very quickly things went from rumors of overseas health issues to being here and now with lockdowns and closures of many small businesses/artists I adore and support. So with the only burlesque, I’m doing being in my living room as well as aerials on hold for the foreseeable future, I’ve found myself with a bit more free time than I had in 2019. So… I’ve found myself wandering back to this space that I put so much work into before my growing business stole me away. And I’ve decided to flip on this situation and try and get myself back into the grove of sharing here now that I’m well…spending much more time at home. Living in an apartment though during a country in lockdown which also doubles as my business means my home is far from glamour perfect means no pretty stylized garden photos, so I hope you’ll like them a bit more raw and real.

Wearing the Kitty Tat Tee

Anywho, I’ve let myself get distracted! So I thought I’d start back at the blog by sharing a small business that is Australian based and does the cutest kitschy designs. If vintage Kitsch is your thing, then you need to check out Vinnie Boy Vintage! With everything from decals, cushions, wallets, pins, and tees they’ll fill your kitsch dreams. When she asked me if I wanted to share some of her tees with my followers, I just knew the answer was yes!

Wearing Mermaiding Tee

These comfortable tees which are a silky mix fabric that is also stretchy have been a cute addition to my work wardrobe. I’m wearing an XXL as I do like a looser fit tee as they’re more comfortable for my work. These tees retail for $59.95au + postage and in purchasing you’re supporting a small Aussie business!

A not yet released Wallet by Vinnie Boy vintage

As a small business owner myself, in which my creative art is literally my job, my passion for supporting small businesses is definitely a huge priority atm and I’ll be sharing many of them over the next few months!

I know right now for many of us, things feel hard. Things feel scary. It feels like the last few months have been the crappest free trial known to man and we just want to opt-out. But the best thing we can do at the moment is stay home, have compassion for those around us and protect those most vulnerable, while also taking it one day at a time and being kind to ourselves in the process!

I hope you’ve liked this little share.

til next time darlings

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress in collaboration with Vinnie Boy Vintage, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.

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