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My Ultimate Shopping Guide 2020 ~ Part 1 ~ Clothing

It’s here! Finally! The one you’ve all been waiting for!….a tad dramatic maybe but I’ve been working on this post for ages at the request of many, so I am hoping it helps many of you navigate your way in the world of building your own pinup wardrobe! It got very big too, so for ease of reading, I’ve decided to break it down into a few different posts.

I remember being an 18-year-old, in love with retro fashion, and having no idea how to get it. I still didn’t have a credit card and debit cards weren’t actually a ‘thing’ yet…so my access to anything vintage was highly limited to pretty much shopping in person….and let’s just say that the options were highly limited in my little regional part of the world… Thankfully with the introduction of the debit card, allowing easier online purchasing as well as a more stable job…in my early 20s I bought a second hand ‘pinup’ dress off eBay. It turned out to be a Hell Bunny dress.

Thankfully over the years, the worldwide pinup community has FLOURISHED and as such, so has the access to reproduction vintage clothing, accessories, and the like. This in turn has filled my wardrobe as I now have enough retro clothes to fill two separate built-in wardrobes so rotate them seasonally into my main one lol. Which, brings me to this shopping guide!

Firstly please note, this guide will have a strong focus on Australian resellers and Australian brands. This is due to being an Aussie and our community of ‘brands’ being smaller than the USA/UK/Europe. However, I’ll be listing all the brands as well.

I’ve decided to break my guide down into individual posts covering: clothing, accessories, shoes, and lingerie. I’ll have a section covering brands and reseller stores in each. I’ll also be noting the size range of brands (which I think is something a lot of people want to know, especially plus babes). So without further ado, let us begin with clothing for this first post! I hope this helps many with building their own pinup wardrobe!

Note sizing will be noted in Australian sizing unless stated otherwise, as thats most familiar to me.


Clothing Brands/Manufacturers


USA/CANADA (please note S-L sizing is USA)

Australian Brands and Stockists of overseas brands

Asia Region – made to order

All of the below are amazing small business/solo women who make beautiful vintage clothing made to measure and standard sizing too. I’ve personally dealt with each of these and had amazing experiences.

I hope you’ve found this first release of my shopping guide helpful! There are honestly so many retro brands out there now and especially in Australia, which doesn’t have many home grown brands, we are especially lucky to have many amazing resellers which we can definitely support!

Know of a brand or store I should add? Drop me a comment below for me to check them out. Happy to answer any questions you may have too in the comments below!

I’ll be releasing the next guide, which is accessories in a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Til next time!

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