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Welcoming 2021 with Desvalido

Hello everyone and welcome to 2021!

It feels like a lifetime since I last shared on this page. I must admit, running a business definitely takes a lot of your time. More than I ever actually expected and that part of me that’s a bit of a workaholic….well let’s say in a lot of ways I’ve thrived. But I’ve also greatly missed sharing my passion for all things pinup and sharing with you all. After a crazy end to 2020, a massive shift in my mental headspace after 2 years of really working hard to overcome some big mental health struggles, I am feeling better than ever, and its time for me to reclaim my blog space and share what I love with you all again.

As a small business boss babe, 2020 also showed me how imperative the support of other small businesses is during COVID. For many of us with small businesses, this past year was an incredibly difficult one. Now more than ever, its so important to support small businesses within our communities, so I want to use my space in 2021 to showcase some of my favorite small and hand made businesses with you all!

So I’d like to introduce you all to Desvalido! This handmade lingerie company is based in Newcastle Australia, where they make all their products in house. Founded by the absolutely incredible soul Alanna who originally hand made everything herself, but due to amazing support in 2020, she was able to expand and employ 3 staff who assist with sewing and packaging (Emilly & Monn on sewing and Kat who now does fulfillment!). It’s so incredibly wonderful to see this small business grow during such a crazy year that this small business has been able to grow.

So I snapped up this set in the Desvalido EOFY sale as a set for lounging around on those warm summer days and it definitely did not disappoint. I’m rocking their Cropped Camisole and Tall French Knickers in Cranberry. I love the cut of these briefs, they make for such a flattering cut and are so soft and flowy. They’re made from Polyester Jersey, but don’t hold heat on a hot day which is definitely something that I adore about them.

The Camisole length is also absolutely perfect for giving coverage while also still being a bit cheeky. I never thought this was a style that suits my body, but last year I decided to throw out the idea of only wearing things that society told me were ‘flattering’ and I was really empowered by how much I absolutely LOVE this set! I’ll definitely be adding more to my wardrobe in other colors in 2021.

So if bralettes, french style briefs, robes, and luscious lounge sets like this one are your thing, definitely support a small business and give Desvalido a look for your next purchase!

Til next week darlings!

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