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Midnight Garden Musings with The House of Foxy and Call Me Valerie

Once upon a time, a girl in her early 20s said she wanted to dress 40s. But felt like her body was wrong to wear 1940s style. At the time, 1940s repro wasn’t as accessible or as size diverse. True vintage was expensive. So she dressed the 1950s and thought that’s all she could ever wear. And don’t get me wrong, she felt amazing wearing 50s styles….but at the same time it just didn’t feel like her.

I’ve just described myself in my early 20s. A time when I harbored a lot of toxic ideas about how bodies should look which I have definitely since shed as I’ve grown up. I was ecstatic when in late 2019 I found came across the Australian online store, Call me Valerie. I have many amazing Aussie stores I love supporting, but what stood out for Call Me Valerie for me was her focus on pre-1950s fashions….something I haven’t really seen done before. Her store has definitely made many of the brands I’ve long lusted after, like The House of Foxy accessible down under.

So in late 2019, I let myself splurge a little and invested in a few blouses and skirts for my 3 week trip to New Zealand with my household. And well… let’s just say that started an addiction to the separates game. There is something about the blouse and skirt/trousers combo of the 1940s that has always had me in awe and now it’s a staple part of my wardrobe thanks to Call Me Valerie.

So for this post, I wanted to share a current look from Call Me Valerie that I am absolutely OBSESSED with! Introducing you to The House of Foxy 40s Long Sleeve Shirt Blouse in Midnight Garden teamed with the Rust Whirlaway Skirt. Now if you follow my Instagram, you undoubtedly will have seen my many Whirlaway skirts. These skirts are the ultimate functional 1940s staple in a retro girls’ wardrobe. Full enough to give a beautiful drape without knocking things down (a problem I was having a LOT in circle and swing skirts with my work) and did I mention the front pocket is the perfect size for a smartphone? And they come in SO many colors! I’m just missing Navy and Khaki in my current collection.

And now let’s talk blouses! Full sleeve blouses like this one are my absolute favorite (though working with paint means they only come out on nonwork days) and while I’ve become a bit of a color-blocking fiend, the subtle pattern of the Midnight Garden Musings just won me over. It’s so soft and comfortable to wear and the colors lend themselves to multiple looks.

Another win for me is the service. I’ve gotten to know the amazing boss babe Mary behind Call Me Valerie very well and she has such a passion for what she does. Shipping is always prompt and she’s always happy to order things in for you if she can. I feel so privileged in 2021 to get to work with her as an ambassador for her store and share my love of all things the 1940s with you all! She also stocks 1920/30’s designs from Emmy designs if even further decades before the 1940s are your thing.

For size reference, I’m wearing a size 18 in both, which are my usual go-to! I hope you’ve all loved this little blog post and go and give the gorgeous Call Me Valerie a look for all your 1920-1940s needs!

Til next time darlings

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