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Seasonal Musing in Elise Designs

Seasons can be such a funny thing. As we shift from one to another I always end up finding myself longing for what’s coming instead of what’s here now. I think that’s mainly because Australian seasons, at least in Sydney can be all squished into a single day….but what season it is dictates the extreme of the mish mash. With such a sweltering summer this year, I’ve found myself hanging for Autumn to come and to feel more comfortable frocking up again. Especially when I have some absolute stunning frocks in my wardrobe atm.

For those who followed me through the crazy year that was COVID, it was also the year I discovered Aussie brand Elise Design and fell in love. They make timeless vintage style frocks and with a strong 40s influence through their styles, we ended up being a natural match. When I first saw the Saddie dress promoted on their IG, I fell head over heels in love. I’m not one for an all black dress, but this specific Saddie dress, with its splashes of red and green was the perfect inbetween for me colour palette.

The Saddie dress is a fully lined number, with the floral pattern being on the top sheer layer. What won me with this dress was the tulip cross over sleeve detail, which is the extra bit fancier than standard sleeves and its fit and flare design. It does come with a matching fabric belt but for this frock I personally prefer a belt with a bit more structure to really nip me in.

Now raise you’re hand if you’ve ever been personally victimised by the zipper on a dress or skirt *Raises hand right up*. Zips that get caught on seams are a massive pet peeve of mine and I love that I’ve not experienced that with any of my Elise design dresses. Making them an easy to wear, comfortable frock which isn’t going to cause an anxiety attack to put on.

I’m wearing an 18 in this dress, which is my usual Elise Design size. It first perfectly with or without shapewear, making it a great frock for absolutely any occasion. I’m really looking forward to really getting to wear this stunning dress out. It arrived to me in the later half of last year, but I’ve had virtually nowhere to wear it. But it’ll definitely be getting an outing the first change I get!

I hope you all loved this review of this gorgeous dress and that if like me, you prefer a black dress, with even a little bit of colour, then this may also be the one for you! You can snap it up yourself in the Elise Design store.

Til next time darlings

Disclaimer: Whilst IĀ received this dress in collaboration with Elise Design, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.

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