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The perfect Repro Vintage Bag from Lola Von Rose

While I don't get photographed with them often, I'm a long time lover of handbags. My current favorite two were actually my grandmothers before she passed and while I adore the look of lucite style true vintage bags, the price bracket of such items normally puts them in the unobtainable list for me. I simply… Continue reading The perfect Repro Vintage Bag from Lola Von Rose

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Disney Quirks with the Ambrosia Bowl

When you think of a Disney princess, you think of a Disney villain. There’s no way you can really separate the two. For every amazing Disney princess, there is an equally awesome dark character to be their power balance in the movie. One thing I’ve always loved about Disney is the villains. Incredibly stylish and… Continue reading Disney Quirks with the Ambrosia Bowl

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Resin accessories from Deluxe Creations

Deluxe Creations is an Australian Australian small business who I recently decided to make a purchase from, after seeing my friend Ruby purchase from them. As a small business owner myself, I decided to make a more active effort in 2016 to start supporting other small businesses and I must admit, my expectations were exceeded… Continue reading Resin accessories from Deluxe Creations

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Review ~ Creep Heart

Review time!I was fortunate enough recently to be sent a little parcel of Creep Heart Goodies from the gorgeous Ella Mobbs and I honestly just had to share how AMAZING they all are with you!Now I’ve been a distant admirer of Creep Heart for quite a while now. I love the originality, the attention to detail and… Continue reading Review ~ Creep Heart

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Product & company review ~ Debstar Designs!

How are you all on this amazing Thursday night? Excited for 4 days off over Easter? I thought I’d treat you all with a little review about one of my favorite brands!Debstar Designs is a local business run in Sydney Australia, who makes the most AMAZING retro/rockabilly/alternative style jewellery! I first discovered Debstar when I worked in… Continue reading Product & company review ~ Debstar Designs!